SEVENTH SON is a progressive heavy metal band from Tokyo, Japan.
The band was formed by Yasumoto (G), Tai (Dr) and Suzuki (B) in 2000 then Yama (Vo) joined in 2004.
The music they have created is heavy sound with melodic vocal and including elements of progressive taste. Largely influenced by bands like RUSH, Queensrÿche and Dream Theater.

The 1st album “JUDGMENT BELLS” was released from Black-listed Records in 2008 and 2nd album “Fates For Destination” was released in 2013.
Fates For Destination Tour 2013-2014 was held in the largest city in Japan included Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Sendai with 18 shows and November 30th 2014 the band performed a sold-out tour final at club Crescendo Kichijoji Tokyo.
3rd album “Arc of Infinity” was released from Black-listed Records and it has been brought to attention from Japanese media, the band interviews were on magazines BURRN! and Young Guitar. This album is different from the previous work. More simple and more melodious sounds of SEVENTH SON fascinated many people not only metal fans but also the other type of music lovers. Arc of Infinity Tour in Japan and Kuala Lumpur Malaysia with 11 shows have ended by sold-out show at club Crescendo Kichijoji Tokyo in February 26th 2018.

New bassist Genki has been joined the band in 2018. Then Takuo Kobayashi also joined officially and new lineup is confirmed 2019. At around the same time 3rd album “Arc of Infinity” was released from German record label STF-Records and go on sale for worldwide.

Current Band Members:
Yama (Lead Vocals)
Yasumoto Ohtani (Guitar)
Tai Syoda (Drums)
Genki (Bass)
Takuo Kobayashi (Key)