Music crowdfunding project “Uniting Everyone’s Hearts”has started

Due to the effects of the coronavirus, many live music clubs have been suspended their business. Club CRESCENDO Kichijoji that Seventh Son has been performed for many years is no exception. Now, music crowdfunding project “Uniting Everyone’s Hearts”has started. Seventh Son also get in the 4 CDs compilation album as of 59 various musicians took part in. This project will provide you five plans as return. Plan L for CD (Seventh Son includes) “Legend” 3,000 JPY , Plan for CD “Overcome” 3,000 JPY, Plan V for CD “Valor”  3,000 JPY, Plan E for CD “Everlasting” 3,000 JPY and Plan “CRESCENDO” for include these 4 CDs 10,000 JPY and your name on the backintrey if you want to. Please click a link below and check more details to join and your return.

We all got into a difficult situation now and thank you for your continued cooperation.